December 16, 2005

Hey - Live Pixies, Exclusive MP3 Album at eMusic

Hey Pixies fans! Here's an exclusive found only at eMusic, Hey - Live Pixies, here's a write up about the disc by Yancey Strickler, eMusic.

"Exclusively on eMusic, this two-disc compilation culls together two years of performances from the Pixies' reunion tour, covering every era of the essential band's career. The hits, especially an amazing performance of 'Debaser,' are impressive: 'Monkey Gone to Heaven' record-perfect, the chopped and screwed version of 'Wave of Mutilation' haunting, 'Holiday Song' bouncy and propulsive, 'Here Comes Your Man' done acoustic with a careless jangle and 'Gigantic,' arguably the band's finest moment, a stirring culmination of the whole Kim-bang.

And even with these many standouts, it's the title track that's the show stopper. Doolittle's 'Hey' was always the starkest of Pixies tracks (in some ways, you could argue that Spoon sprung from its sparse loins), and in a live setting, with each instrument given space to breathe, the song becomes both haunting and invigorating: Joey Santiago's Velvet-y guitar solo a tease for Frank Black's exclamation-point 'UH' barks, themselves table-setters for perhaps the defining Pixies lyric, 'But baby aren't you tired of this?/ UH!'

This album, simply put, is 28 tracks of greatness, of live rock & roll done right. There's no reason not to download it, especially considering that this two-disc set will never exist in physical form. For Pixies fans, it couldn't get any better."


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