December 09, 2005

john vanderslice: live @ the independent, san francisco

John Vanderslice: Free Mp3s available below

I just got word that John Vanderslice has put his entire set, from November 5th's performance at San Francisco's The Independent, on his home page. Playing with his band, Photographs, in front of a 'home town' crowd, the guys played 22 songs, a great mix of the new album, Pixel Revolt, and the best from earlier efforts. This was the last show they did before JV and bandmate, Dave Douglas, jetted across the Atlantic to play a series of 'old country' shows, JV's first time on European soil.

These live tracks are downloadable as single mp3s and as a .zip file. Go here.

Here's a sample of what all the fuss is about...
from Pixel Revolt...
+ radiant with terror

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