December 10, 2005


Arctic Monkeys are from Sheffield, England, and their rising popularity will surely pull a few other quality bands from the area into the limelight. One of those bands is Milburn a quartet consisting of Joe Carnall (lead vocals/bass), Louis Carnall (vocals/rhythm guitar), Tom Rowley (lead guitar), and Joe Green (drums). They wear their influences on their sleeves (The Jam, The Specials), but have the chops to pull it off and even turn listeners unfamiliar with those bands onto their music.

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  1. milburn are bloody good - they're trying to play ska on rickenbackers which is a slightly peculiar thing to do when you think about it... if they have a problem it's that they make it all sound really effortless. But they're fantastic live if anyone ever gets to see them (& there are downloads of more songs & live video clips on their forum at