January 20, 2006

Beth Orton: "Conceived" Video

Beth Orton: Video"The release date for the long awaited fourth album from Beth Orton is approaching fast! Comfort Of Strangers, produced by the legendary Jim O'Rourke, comes out via Astralwerks on February 7. In addition to the regular release, diehards can look forward to the special limited edition of the album which will include a 5 track bonus cd with exclusive tracks. The amazing new single 'Conceived' has started to gain some momentum...and the video is just as mystifying. A wonderful, feel good time."

Watch the video for Beth Orton's 'Conceived'.

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1 comment:

  1. I love the video! Doesn't it seem like they couldn't get the Muppets? ;)

    I'm a fairly recent fan of Beth's and I'm going for the diehard's special edition of the album. Looking forward to hearing the rest!