January 19, 2006

Kelley Stoltz

Kelley Stoltz: Free MP3s

San Francisco DIY musician, Kelley Stoltz, has a new album to offer. Below The Branches is now out on Subpop.

From Below The Branches
+ the sun comes through
+ memory collector

From Antique Glow
+ perpetual night
+ jewel of the evening

from "the past was faster"
+ vapor trail
from "crockodials" (kelley stoltz's version of the 1980 album "crocodiles" by echo & the bunnymen)
+ going up
+ crocodiles
+ rescue
+ villiers terrace

Below The Branches

Track Listing:
1. Wave Goodbye
2. Little Lords
3. Ever Thought of Coming Back
4. Words
5. Mystery
6. Summer's Easy Feeling
7. Memory Collector
8. Birdies Singing
9. The Rabbit Hugged the Hound
10. The Sun Comes Through
11. Winter Girl
12. Prank Calls
13. No World like the World

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