January 18, 2006

Magnet is Even Johansen

Magnet is Even Johansen, a Norwegian musician who makes his home in the city of Bergen, also home to international musicians Sondre Lerche and Annie. And not unlike Lerche, Johansen has a lushness to his sound. The music is lush and melodic, set apart by an ear for quirky sounds and instruments. Magnet is an indie package with a major label voice... and that's not always a bad thing.

Magnet's latest, The Tourniquet, will be released in North America February 14th 2006

+ hold on The Tourniquet
+ heaviest heart - Where Happiness Lives EP
+ i'll come along ** - Where Happiness Lives EP + On Your Side CD
+ little miss more or less - On Your Side CD
+ let it snow - Minus EP 2004

**if the link for "I'll Come Along" doesn't work, cut and paste this into your browser...
www.homeofmagnet.com/media/av/Magnet - I'll Come Along.mp3

The Tourniquet Track List
1. Hold On
2. Duracelia
3. The Pacemaker
4. Believe
5. All You Ask
6. Deadlock (Its Over)
7. Fall At Your Feet
8. Blow By Blow
9. Miss Her So
10. Jaws
11. This Bird Can Never Fly (US bonus track)

Magnet Tour Dates
01.22 Glasgow, UK @ King Tuts cancelled
01.23 Manchester, UK @ Late Room cancelled
01.24 London, UK @ ULU [support from Dios Malos]
02.22 Boston, MA @ Paradise [supporting Stars]
02.23 Philadelphia, PA @ Beyond
02.24 Washington DC @ Black Cat
02.25 New York, NY @ Webster Hall
03.07 Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour [supporting Isobel Campbell]
03.08 San Francisco, CA @ Café Du Nord
03.09 Seattle, WA @ Triple Door

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Magnet's On Your Side CD is available to download from eMusic. Check out eMusic and their Free Trial offering 50 free downloads.


  1. Anonymous8:38:00 AM

    good call on this, I love the sound

  2. Elizabeth6:35:00 PM

    fabulous :)