January 04, 2006

Green Day: for Colm

I have a nephew who is just starting to get interested in music and his favourite band, so far (he's only ten), is Green Day. Not my first choice for instilling a future love of indie music, but there are so many that could be worse. So, here you go Colm this post is for you.

Green Day: Free MP3s

Green Day MP3s
+ american idiot
+ 409 in your coffemaker

*mp3s courtesy of betterPropaganda.com


  1. My brother is 11!And is hapening the same thing
    He loves green day and i also think is not a bad way to get started.
    May the education begin!

  2. Bluelight5:53:00 PM

    Yeah.My son is 15 and he used to like Green day most of all bands 2 or three years ago and still likes them.
    They are not bad.

    All music (almost :-) has its place and time in life.

    A couple of hours ago he played me a punk version of "I am the walrus" Written by Beatles and performed by Grey matter..he he..that´s the proof of what im saying.


  3. I love green day... their old stuff that is.. but i still love the new stuff.