January 04, 2006

Free Downloads

the subways + rock and roll queen
holly figueroa + how it is
richmond fontaine + evergreen
the pale + start/stop
vic chestnutt + gepetto
charlemagne + pink and silver
charlemagne + nematode
charlemagne + your scars
charlemagne + (we are) making light
the zephyrs + obeyessekere
the pale pacific + sucker punch
the pale pacific + identity theft
the pale pacific + fortune folds
the handsome family + so much wine


  1. Anonymous10:11:00 PM

    Oh man...I love Charlemagne! Thanks a bunch for the MP3s.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to the Pale Pacific!

  3. Anonymous12:00:00 AM

    duuuude!! thnx for sucker punch :D:D I was searching a lot of time for that song. nice done dude