January 31, 2006

His Name Is Alive: New Album + MP3

His Name Is Alive have released their latest effort this past Tuesday. Titled Detrola, it was produced, arranged, composed, and performed by Warren Defever.

From Detrola...
+ get your curse on (summer left your heart behind)

Track Listing
The Darkness Night (Introduction)
After I Leave U (Maybe Again When I Leave You)
I Thought I Saw (Mama Don't You Think I Know)
In My Dreams (Sometimes Screw)
C*A*T*S (Here Forever Always)
Your Bones (Bones)
You Need A Heart (You Need A Heart To Live)
You and Me (Interlude)
Get Your Curse On (Summer Left Your Heart Behind)
Seven Minutes (Seven Minutes In Heaven)
Send My Face (I'll Send My Face To Your Funeral)
---------- ----------

On the band's website is a free album download. Here's what the band has to say about it:
"In November 2004, a limited edition of 50 wood "cloud boxes" which gathered ten CDs of new music from His Name Is Alive was released via mail order from Time Stereo. These quickly sold out. An 11-track sampler of the boxset, titled Cloud Pop, was subsequently planned and it appears below as a limited time free download courtesy of His Name Is Alive. These downloads are of interest to owners of the Cloud Box as well as those who missed out because these are freshly remixed versions, never before released in any form. Enjoy!"

Cloud Pop released December 13, 2005
+ USA vs Gamelan
+ Brown Rice
+ The Pine Cone
+ The Pine Cone II

THE rest of the album can be downloaded at the band's site. Just look for this (Download FREE samples from the CLOUD BOX boxset for a limited time TODAY!) at page top, and follow the link.

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