February 20, 2006

Belle and Sebastian

If you acquaint Belle and Sebastian with dreary, rain spattered vignettes which only fill that sad, minor key desire many have for melancholic music, well, you haven't heard enough of this venerable Scottish outfit's output. Their latest, The Life Pursuit, (album number seven) dips into the blue paint in spots but this latest 'canvas' is awash in primary colours (as are a significant number of songs on their last release Dear Catastrophe Waitress). The kind you see on a Saturday night when you go out and let all the crap from your work week drown in beer, or die from a heart attack after dancing all night. The Life Pursuit tracks such as "Sukie in the Graveyard", "The Blues are Still Blue", and "Funny Little Frog" are upbeat and poppy and are quite similar to songs the band has been releasing all along. Belle and Sebastian are simply the best purveyors of 'fey funk' working today.

*Limited Downloads*

From The Life Pursuit
+ The Blues are still Blue
+ Sukie in the Graveyard

From Tigermilk
+ You're Just A Baby

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