February 20, 2006

PopMatters Loves *Sixeyes

At least I think they do. Love *Sixeyes I mean... since I've been noticing how they follow my lead when it comes to their 'Downloads' page. For a while now, I've been seeing a fair number of the same mp3s I've linked appearing on their own page of mp3 downloads... a day or two later. And this is pretty heady stuff 'cause Popmatters is one of the best music/pop cultures websites on the net.

So, thanks Popmatters, for your endorsement of my taste. Visit through the link above and see for yourself... it's true! And while you're there there's lots to read and see... so go.


  1. Anonymous6:09:00 PM

    It's true, we do.

  2. holy goodness.

    it's true.

    even luke doucet! Congrats!

  3. Anonymous7:21:00 AM

    Just to clarify on Luke Doucet... we have some Canadian writers that have been trumpeting him for some time. We had Roger Holland's "9 out of 10" review in hand since last October but were waiting for the US release date to publish.