February 08, 2006


Calexico: Free MP3s Calexico are multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Joey Burns(right)and drummer John Convertino (both members of seminal alt-country band Giant Sand). Frontman Burns has described the duo's Tex-Mex flavoured sound this way: "Mixed up, eclectic and influenced by the common thread of minor blues that has woven its way over the years through Eastern Europe, across the Atlantic to the Americas and interpreted in the confines of a crumbling contemporary Southwestern adobe reality."

It's all dusty Spanish guitars chiming and shiny brass horns blowing a solar wind through your spaghetti western heart. Sometimes they take a step back from the Ennio Morricone influenced pieces and find themselves straddling a rusty wire fence between Tex-Mex and alt country.

Calexico: Free MP3s

+ alone again or
+ spokes
+ black heart
+ convict pool
+ the sunken waltz
+ frontera
+ minas de cobre - acoustic
+ ballad of cable hogue - french version
+ stray

live tracks
Ojitos Traidores May 4, 2002 Bluebird Theatre, Denver, CO

Cascabel May 5, 2002 KGNU, Boulder, CO

The Black Light June 10, 2002 - 'SPOKE' (Joey and John)
Solar Culture,Tucson, AZ

Stray June 2, 2001 - The Casbah, San Diego, CA

Gift X-Change July 6, 2001 - Rudolstadt Festival, Germany


  1. Anonymous9:51:00 AM

    this link has a lot of music and vids from calexico too:


    greetings from cologne

    herr k.

  2. thank you herr k.

    visit herr k's totally fuzzy site for great music and links to even more great music.


  3. Anonymous1:19:00 PM

    Oh my. I love Calexico. They were mindblowingly great live (afraid I can't say the same for Iron & Wine). If you ever have the chance, do not hesistate to check them out.

  4. awesome! i've been keeping an eye out for their cover of 'alone again or' for awhile. thanks for sharing all this calexico!