February 09, 2006

Discoveries... From Me to You

Here at *sixeyes, time hasn't stopped but it's gone missing recently. Things are getting in the way of the regular postings here. To try and catch up I have a few bands here that have contacted me, or that I stumbled across, in the past couple of weeks. I hope everyone finds a new favourite in this grouping of music... from me to you.


Ex-Boyfriends - homepage
+ him for me
+ willingly

Luke Doucet - homepage
+ i wish i was american

Nathan Asher and The Infantry - homepage
+ without love a war

Hurts to Purr - homepage myspace
+ i didn't mean it
+ mr atom

The Gena Rowlands Band - homepage
+ the last words of lesley gore
+ the end
+ king kong meets his maker (a parable about dating)

Benna - homepage
+ simple days

Eiffel Tower - homepage myspace
+ 90 days

Wintergreen - homepage [this is not the same band posted here]
+ the rule of small things
+ squirrel in the wallspace
+ are our future
+ three heads

The Jack Stafford Foundation - homepage
+ cedar room


  1. Anonymous10:06:00 AM

    Is it just me or is that Luke Ducet download really really short?

  2. I think it's you, anonymous. I just downloaded that track again, and it's 3:58 long. try it again.

  3. Anonymous5:53:00 PM

    The Eifell Tower song has somehow managed to sum up my mood in the past 2 months, and I absolutely love it. Thank you.