February 12, 2006

Dancing About Architecture

CMJ interviews Man Man.
Favorite new bands?
Honus: Islands, Coyote. Spinto Band is a really good pop band.
Cougar: I Death.
Les Mizzle: Broadcast. They're new to me.
Pow Pow: Skeletons & The Girl Faced Boys, Reminder (AKA Josh Abrams' solo record), José González, Soft Circle, Excepter, Icy Demons.
Sergei: Black Mountain.

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Mogwai are interviewed by Artrocker.

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Wrens guitarist, Greg Whelan, chats with Daily Northwestern.

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Download the remixed Portishead Dummy album for free, BUT please make a donation to Oxfam.
The Portishead Remixed team are not asking you to pay any money for downloading this album. The album is a representation of the creative talents of all those involved, from the musical producers to the project curator, and as such believe this is payment enough. However, should you wish to give financial support in honour of this project, there are two ways of doing so.

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