February 13, 2006

Released: February 14th

Here are tomorrows releases at insound.

02/14/06 Crush Kill Destroy Metric Midnight No Karma
02/14/06 Magnet Tourniquet Filter
02/14/06 Matchbook Romance Voices Epitaph
02/14/06 My Morning Jacket At Dawn & Tennessee Fire Demos [reissue} Darla
02/14/06 New Radiant Storm King The Steady Hand Darla
02/14/06 Outkast Idlewild LaFace
02/14/06 Subways Young For Eternity Sire/Rhino
02/14/06 Sword Age of Winters Kemado
02/14/06 Young and Sexy Panic When You Find It Mint

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  1. I'm getting The Subways and The Arctic Monkeys! I love Tuesdays....

  2. Anonymous5:36:00 PM

    My Moring Jacket isnt until April where did you get Feb 14 from and reissue far as I know it hasnt been issued at all

  3. all info in the 'Released' posts is taken directly from insound.com

    they made a mistake i suppose. it will be released on april 18th, and as far as reissue or not... well, i have no idea since i don't care much for my morning jacket.