February 25, 2006

Rademacher: New Song and New EP

Rademacher: Free MP3

The California band, Rademacher, have another EP in the works. It should see the light of day this spring and will, according to the band's leader, Mike M., be the final EP for the time being, as there are plans to record and release their first full length. Here's a preview of the EP, tentatively titled Heart Machine, a song that Mike was inspired to write after hearing a series of commercial jingles a friend was working on. The song, "You're Never Gonna Hear From Me", is, funnily enough, commercial, but 'commercial' in the sense that it would likely generate some excitement by a major label who would smell money. In fact it reminds me in parts of another band that was sucked up by a major label, Hot Hot Heat. And even another, The Walkmen, in the guitar sound. But what stands out most, as in most Rademacher songs, is Mike M.'s distinctive voice.

+ you're never gonna hear from me

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