March 26, 2006

Destroyer: Lee's Palace, Toronto + Tour Dates and MP3s

Destroyer: FREE MP3sLast night I saw Destroyer play Toronto's Lee's Palace. It was the first time I've seen Dan Bejar and I was surprised. I'd expected, and I'm not sure why, a sloppy performance from the man, but he seemed truly focused on the task of delivering a set consisting mainly of songs from the band's latest, Destroyer's Rubies. It was a very good show and did what a live show should do, reintroduce you to the songs you've heard many, many times before on record. The newer songs were faithfully reproduced and, despite this fact, made me realize just how good they were... somehow they seemed even better than remembered. The men playing around him were fantastic and were having a hell of a time, the smiles on their faces telling me they love what they do (and that they've only been on the road for a few days). Highlights for me were "European Oils" and "Looters Follies", and the funniest moment was supplied by the repeated request of an audience member for "European Oils", which was shot down by keyboardist, Ted Bois, who reached for a mic and said "We already played that shit... where you been? In line?" Now that I read this, I come to the conclusion that not much funny happened at the Destroyer show... but music did happen... and it was damn good.

Here are the band's upcoming dates, get your tickets while you can.

03.26.2006 * Montreal, @ La Sala Rossa
w/ Magnolia Electric Co.
03.27.2006 * Cambridge, MA @ Middle East Underground
w/ Magnolia Electric Co.
03.28.2006 * New York, NY @ Avalon Nightclub
w/ Magnolia Electric Co. and Nedelle
03.29.2006 * Washington, DC @ Black Cat
w/ Magnolia Electric Co.
03.30.2006 * Carrboro, NC @ Cat's Cradle
w/ Magnolia Electric Co.
03.31.2006 * Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse
w/ Magnolia Electric Co.
04.01.2006 * Louisville, KY @ Uncle Pleasant's
w/ Magnolia Electric Co.
04.02.2006 * Kansas City, MO @ Record Bar
w/ White Whale
04.12.2006 * Vancouver, @ Richard's on Richards
04.14.2006 * Victoria, BC @ Lucky Bar
05.05.2006 * Seattle, WA @ Crocodile Cafe
w/ White Rose Movement, Hudson Bell
05.06.2006 * Portland , OR @ Doug Fir Lounge
05.08.2006 * San Francisco, CA @ Cafe Du Nord
05.21.2006 * Camber Sands, @ All Tomorrow's Parties

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Destroyer MP3s...
...from Destroyer's Rubies
European Oils
Looter's Follies
Painter In Your Pocket

from Your Blues
It's Gonna Take An Airplane
The Music Lovers

from Streethawk
The Sublimation Hour
Virgin With A Memory

from This Night...
Students Carve Hearts Out Of Coal
Here Comes The Night

from Thief...
The Temple
No Cease Fires

from Notorious Lightning and Other Works...
An Actor's Revenge

from Streethawk: A Seduction...
Streethawk II - this song is also found on Merge Records Merge: Old Enough To Know Better

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Destroyer can be downloaded from eMusic, detail about eMusic's free trial are here.


  1. im now in love with Destroyer...they are a truly awesome band...thanks for putting the songs up for download...they are all really really good....i now hope that one day Destroyer will make its way down to Australia.

  2. Anonymous8:44:00 PM

    Right on, this is great. Prior to finding your blog, I only knew of the Rubies stuff... I'm looking forward to exploring the rest of Destroyer's discography!