March 25, 2006

The Walkmen: Louisiana

The Walkmen, as I mentioned in a post yesterday, (or was it early today?) are streaming a track off the upcoming album on their myspace page. Well, here's a low res mp3 of that new song (thanks to Chris for droploading it to me), "Louisiana", from the upcoming album A Hundred Miles Off. The song starts off with The Walkmen's trademark echo laden guitar being strummed by Paul Maroon (or is it singer Hamilton Leithauser?), drummer Matt Barrick taps his sticks on the rim of his kit and the evocative talents of The Walkmen return us to the sounds of Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone. That is until the 1:48 mark when the band heads further south, from Louisiana into Mexico, and introduces us to mariachi horns. Yeah, I wasn't expecting it either. It's a good song, perhaps it will embed itself after further listens, but I'd guess that this isn't the best track on the record. The band have made this song available for streaming on their myspace page, I think, to prepare, or possiblly gauge, the reaction of fans to those aforementioned horns and even the psuedo barrelhouse piano.

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  1. Ooh! Thanks for the link. I heard this the other day on their MySpace profile and really enjoyed it.

  2. The gunshy - last songs
    Sufjan -come on feel the illnoise
    Two gallants- 16th st dozen
    Horns never complain.