March 25, 2006

Young and Sexy

Young and Sexy: Free MP3s available below

Vancouver band, Young and Sexy, took form back in '98 when Paul Pittman and Lucy Brain decided to start a band. Now after numerous line up changes and two releases to their credit they rekeased their latest, album number three, Panic When You Find It, this past February 14th on Mint Records.

A strong facet of the band, aside from the songwriting, is Lucy Brain's voice. It's a great voice, one which you can build a band around and if the material on the new disc matches her voice this will be a band to watch in 2006. You can stream 3 songs on the band's myspace page including "The Curious Organ" from the upcoming CD, Panic When You Find It.

Panic When You Find It tracklist...
1. Your Enemy's Asleep
2. Curious Organ, The
3. Without Your Love
4. All The Little Girls And Boys
5. 5/4
6. Night Wears A Sombrero, The
7. Conventional Lullaby
8. Turn On Your Weakness
9. Trespass On A Thought
10. Satellite

+ conventional lullabies
+ all the little girls and boys
+ tresspass on a thought

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Life Through One Speaker
Released: October 7, 2003
+ oh my love
+ in this atmosphere
+ life through one speaker

Stand Up For Your Mother
Released: March 5, 2002
+ television
+ scott (quicktime)

- - - -- - - - - - -

For those who follow the Vancouver music scene, Young and Sexy's Lucy Brain adds her lovely voice to all but one track on fellow Vancouver outfit Sparrow's 2005 album on Absolutely Kosher, The Early Years. Sparrow is led by Jason Zumpano who lent his name and talent to the band he and The New Pornographers' Carl Newman took all the way to Sub Pop in the nineties.

sparrow + all two by two

The Early Years can be found at eMusic and eMusic's Free Trial can be found here.

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  1. I have been listening to them for awhile. I cant wait for the new album, Stand up for your mother holds a special place in my musical heart