March 24, 2006

Sharing Music Again!

I want to apologize to everyone who came here in the past couple of days and found that I hadn't done any new posts. First off, things got in the way of posting and when I sat down to share some music, I learned that's 'spam detection robots' had labelled my blog a possible 'Spam Blog'. So, I had to verify that it wasn't. That was easy, but it took another whole day before I could publish. Boring story short... Sixeyes is back.

There are five songs here, the top five, that I have uploaded myself. I highly recommend you check out all these, but especially Miracle Legion and Jonathan Fire Eater. Both older tracks that still sound good, JFE was the precursor to The Walkmen and Miracle Legion boasted the astounding vocal talent of Mark Mulcahy, whom Thom Yorke has cited as a major influence.

david fridlund + before it breaks
heatmiser + get lucky
jonathan fire eater + when the curtain calls for you
miracle legion + you're my blessing
wheat + death car
run chico run + slow action
american princes + stolen blues
black heart procession + not just words
skeleton & the girl-faced boys + fit black man
the heavy blinkers + try telling that to my baby
shoplifting + male gynecology
cities + a theme
field music + shorter, shorter

The Walkmen: The new track "Louisiana" can be streamed on the band's myspace page.


  1. Anonymous2:53:00 PM

    that American Princes rocks!

  2. yeah american princes are cool, they are from little rock, arkansas and are having the cd release next friday here. Its nice to see some locals get some publicity.

  3. Blogger did the same thing with my blog, left us paralyzed for about 5 days.

  4. For fans of Mark Mulcahy, MASS MoCA has a show of The Rosenbach Company, Saturday, July 8 at 8 PM.

    Ben Katchor and composer Mark Mulcahy (co-creators of The Slugbearers of Kayrol Island) return to MASS MoCA with a new pop musical that mixes Katchor's projected animated images with live actors, singers, and musicians. The Rosenbach Company chronicles the life and times of Abe Rosenbach, the world's preeminent rare book dealer, and his brother and business partner Philip. The brothers' collection included such literary treasures as James Joyce's manuscript of Ulysses and the original illustrations for Alice in Wonderland; Katchor and Mulcahy use their story to explore the obsessive nature of collecting and the relationship between cultural and commercial pursuits.

    Tickets are $20 orchestra, $16 mezzanine. MASS MoCA is in North Adams, in northern Berkshire County. To puchase tickets, call the box office at (413) MoCA 111, or visit