March 08, 2006

Tomihira's New Order Cover

.::DEAN TOMIHIRA::.San Francisco's Tomihira, currently awaiting production of their debut full length, Play Dead, have also submitted a song for a compilation that is working on. Here's the New Order cover the band did after completing recording of Play Dead.

+ Mr Disco

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"Color Of Destroyed" is one of the songs from Tomihira's upcoming album and it shows the band is ready for major exposure. This sounds like an outfit that has several mega-selling albums and world tours under it's belt, in other words... it oozes confidence... and the prerequisite Tomihira melancholia, of course. Exhibited by rolling bass lines, Dean Tomihira's smooth, icy vocals, and the tension filled melding of restrainted guitars under blue synth washes.

+ color of destroyed


  1. i actually have this listed as "Like You Never Left". My original mp3 doesn't sound like a demo though. Both tracks are pretty much alike.
    That said, I love Tomihara. Kind of like The Cure with Bernard Summer as frontman. None of that Robert Smith wailing...

  2. Anonymous7:43:00 PM

    oh yes that tune was originally named 'like you never left' but by ended up changing the name. Thanks for the kind words! I love Bernard and Robert!!