April 26, 2006

M. Craft

I did a post on Martin Craft about a month ago and am surprised he didn't garner more interest. Internet searches turn up little on him and his music, so I thought I'd give you a taste again and perhaps this time *sixeyes will help him win a Grammy or a Mercury Prize (just kiddin'... kinda).

This is the description I wrote about his song "Demons", I found another track and have linked it below.

In this song, "Demons", from Silver and Fire, when he sings the line "... and I tried so hard..." and the chord shifts on the word hard, and his voice drops to match, that's the hook... the tiny, shiny, blue hook that will pull you into this song and tell you to seek out Silver and Fire, Craft's debut on British label, 679 Recordings.

+ demons [link is now good]

+ sweets [mp3 bonus]

Craft's myspace page is where you can stream four more songs from the album.


  1. demons -- the file is expired

  2. Anonymous9:31:00 AM

    could you repost "demons"? the link is expired.

  3. SORRY EVERYONE! I forgot that the DEMONS file was expired. It's good now, check it out.