April 30, 2006

The Telepathic Butterflies

The Telepathic Butterflies are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, one damn cold, windy corner of Canada. Made up of guitarist/vocalist and principal songwriter Rejean Ricard, drummer/percussionist Jacques Dubois and bass player Eric Van Buren, the band's most recent full length, their second, is 'Songs from A Second Wave', on Rainbow Quartz Records.

You could call this perfect psych-power pop, but who's to say what's perfect? Although it's hard to imagine that this isn't one of those mythical bands that always come up in conversations, but no one has actually heard or seen. And the story always goes that one guy lost it and is now drooling in a rubber padded room somewhere, cared for by his 87 year old mother, while the other two are either the victims of an overdose, or the former second bananas to the star of a long cancelled prime time sitcom... or something like that. But FEAR NOT, for this band does exist and they do not wear bibs, or charge 50 cents for autographs at Star Trek conventions in North Dakota.

Listen and believe... [and if you like what you hear, Telepathic Butterflies are on eMusic, use the 50 Free Download offer!]

Songs From A Second Wave - 2004
1 - Bonhommie (lyrics)
2 - The Cutting Elm (lyrics)
3 - Four Leaf Clover (lyrics)
6 - A Passing Glance (lyrics)

Introducing The Telepathic Butterflies - 2002
1 - All Very Hoopla! (lyrics)
2 - A Final Word (lyrics)
8 - Sunshine Radio (lyrics)

Nine Songs - 2001
3 - Narcissus (lyrics)
5 - Mr. Laughabee's Circus (lyrics)
11 - Yearbook (lyrics)

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  1. Great stuff. Another great band on Rainbow Quartz that has gone unnoticed is Myracle Brah.