April 17, 2006


What hits you first when you learn of this band is that it boasts Modest Mouse drummer, Jeremiah Green, as a member. But Vells singer/songwriter, Tristan Marcum (Fire Child), is what your ears will wrap around when you hear the band. His glorious Brit-inflected boy/girl vocals swoop, croon, and colour the well crafted songs of this Seattle indie-pop-gem of a band. This is one of those finds that make your day, week, or month. Vells are the kind of band that become your new favourite, the band you start telling all your friends about. Made up of the aforementioned Green and Marcum, the unit formed back in 2002, currently enlisting the additional talents of keyboardist Mary Thinnes and the mysterious Adam McCollom. For their s/t debut EP and first full length release, Flight from Echo Falls, the line-up had in addition to Green, Thinnes, and Marcum -- bassist Adam Howrey and guitarist Ryan Kraft, who have since departed.

On the track "Larger Than Life", there is definitely a 'Marc Bolan meets Carl (A.C. - The Slow Wonder) Newman' thing happening; and "Down Down Glory" recalls, for me, the adult indie pop of San Francisco's, Roman Evening, but with a noirish edge.

from Flight From Echo Falls (Imputor? Records)
+ larger than life
+ down down glory
+ in the hours of flowers

off their S/T debut EP - produced by Phil Ek (Luckyhorse Industries)
+ light on the right
+ in sunless seas

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  1. the vells are magical. thanks for sharing.