December 23, 2006

The Layaways Say 'Merry Christmas'

Hushed, lush, dreamy, tasteful, moody, shoegaze, dreampop, all these words come to mind when listening to Chicago's The Layaways. And now Christmas-y can be added to that list as the band have dipped their toes into the voluminous Christmas music ocean and immediately snagged something worth eating. Here it is, hope you've got your fork.

o christmas tree
silent night
joy to the world

Go here to download full length mp3s from the bands recordings of original work. Here's the band's myspace page... and BUY the music here.

Try this link for more mp3s.

You can download The Layaways at eMusic, this is all about their free trial offer of 25 MP3 downloads.

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