December 23, 2006

DISCOVER: White Birds and Lemons

Hey kids, be the first on your block to secretly covet and hoard your new discovery!! White Birds and Lemons!! If you like, or love, raw vocals... the kind that make you want to wail along with the singer who is wailing along with the garagey bluesy music... then Merry Yeowwww Christmas! Here's your present!

Auckland, New Zealand band, White Birds and Lemons have been laying low on my radar for a while now, I was biding my time waiting for a download that I could share with you, but I can't wait any longer. These four guys are young, in age, and in terms of being a band (no label, no releases, no mp3s even), all they've got is a myspace page, not even a website yet. BUT on that myspace are two songs (demos recorded by Kody Neilson of NZ band The Mint Chicks) which you can stream. So, give a listen to "Secret Drug" and "Stella", it's the former that gets me, although the latter is good and the differences in these two songs does a great job of displaying the range of this band who are: Scott Frantz (vocals/guitar), Rob Dickens (Drums), Matt Wilson (Lead Guitar), and Dom Dipple (Bass).

If these boys, who formed a year ago, do the things I expect of them, this very rough live video of "Secret Drug" will be amazing to look at in a few years and you know, it's pretty amazing to see and hear right now (albeit a tad fuzzy). And I'm surprised at how good the vocals sound on this video... can Frantz's voice be that good? Yes, it can, and that will be proven when they get their EP out for all to hear.

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  1. Anonymous4:04:00 PM

    great find, sixeyes. i can't wait to hear this EP!

    merry xmas