May 18, 2006

Alejandro Escovedo and Whiskeytown

Alejandro Escovedo began making a name for himself as a member of San Francisco's The Nuns, moving on to co-found Rank and File - a band which blended elements of country and punk - in 1979. Texas born and California bred, the Mexican immigrant's son has explored the Tex-Mex and country influences of his childhood on his solo works since the early 90's. Recent years have brought Escovedo's grinding tour schedule to a trickle as he battled serious medical problems, but with his health returning he has begun to work once more. Escovedo released his new recording, The Boxing Mirror, on May 2nd.

Escovedo's voice has a rich timbre to it, although that timbre emanates from his nose, I find his voice strangely compelling. And that voice was one of the deciding factors when I bought, years back, Whiskeytown's album, Strangers Almanac. Whiskeytown's leader, Ryan Adams, showed great taste in asking Escovedo to sing with him. I love the song, "Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight", it's a great song, but when Escovedo adds that voice for a couple of verses it seals it for me... this is a great song (i already said that didn't I?).

+ excuse me while i break my own heart tonight

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  1. i agree alan, one of my favorite whiskeytown songs too