May 16, 2006

Brendan Benson @ eMusic + Early Demos

I should have told you in the previous post that Brendan Benson can be found at eMusic. All three of his full length releases are on the site: 1996's One Mississippi, 2002's Lapalco, and 2005's The Alternative to Love.

Here's a couple of 4-track demos that later appeared on his full length debut, One Mississippi, and in addition I've added the final album version of one track.

+ me just purely - demo
+ crosseyed - demo

+ me just purely - album version

You can download a couple of Benson's albums (at least a couple) for free with the soon-to-expire '50 Free Downloads' offer at eMusic. This fantastic promotion ends May 31st... so get on it.


  1. I love this guy! Alternative was one of my oft-played cds last year. And I just got The Raconteurs. Time to wear that thing out!

  2. One Mississippi was one of my favorite albums for a long time. It still is, now that I think about it. I don't think he's come close to the genius of that album with any of his later albums, save for the single-only version of "Metarie" from Lapalco. Thanks for posting the demos, I've been looking for those for a long time.