May 09, 2006

Dan Wallace: Neon and Gold

How did I come across this guy, Dan Wallace? He has some fantastic music here on his album, Neon and Gold, music which is different enough to my ears to cause them to prick up and familiar enough to slip into those well worn ruts in my musical taste. Chicago based Wallace has a fondness for minor chord sadness and his voice is well suited to it... here's an example:

+ fell
+ jacques
+ too soon
+ maybe

This is not your typical sounding indie boy, but this is imaginative and intelligent music... someone was thinking when they made it and that will get you thinking.

Learn more on his homepage and myspace page.


  1. agreed. the guy is tremendously talented and we're posting a review of our own soon. far better than the average myspace musician.

  2. sounds great! thanks!