May 15, 2006

Doveman, The National, and Baby Dayliner: May 21st Date

On next Sunday, May 21st, Doveman will be opening for former Brassland artists, The National, and current Brassland artist, Baby Dayliner at Webster Hall. Soooo... this show will start with neurotic finesse and end with neurotic force. Let's hope that Baby Dayliner can stand up to being bookended by Doveman's 'Woody Allen as improvisatory genius' and The National's 'Woody Allen as horny stud who thinks too much' (just kidding... i had to add that as i was beginning to feel paranoid).

doveman [find more songs]
+ honey
+ teacup
the national [find more songs]
+ wasp nest
baby dayliner [find more songs]
+ at least

* * * * * * * * * *

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that *sixeyes has joined blogads... there's a box up there in the left corner of the sidebar if you want to advertise here. This move was made after learning of eMusic ending their 50 Free Downloads promotion at the end of this month. That offer is still available here.

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