May 22, 2006

Live the dream! Be a music writer!

Hey all you wanna be music writers out there! *Sixeyes is planning to expand into a dot com in the near future and we (I) need a couple of people, at least, to cover the genres of hip hop and electronica. If you're interested in drumming up at least one post a week on either of these genres, give me a shout at sixeyesblog [at] for all the details.

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  1. Anonymous9:54:00 PM

    WHOO! excited. Is this going to be something like betterpropaganda?

  2. uhh, no. it'll be pretty much the same as *sixeyes, but with more contributors and genres other than indie music covered.

    That is if it comes to pass.

  3. Ah. The two genres I am not that fond of. I would have been interested otherwise - I doubt that I would be of much use at the moment, given that my reviews would be a tad bit biased :-)

  4. with three contributer - it will literally be Six-Eyes! Was that your plan all along?

  5. HEY, thanks to all who have responded to my call for writers.

    MIKE - no, that wasn't the plan, but i can see how you could think that.