May 22, 2006

the sleeping years

photo by niall pollock

So, you want to hear your new favourite unsigned band? Whoa, not so fast (i'm a big tease, or so I'm told)... the band is called The Sleeping Years and is the new project of Irishman, Dale Grundle. Grundle was also the main force behind the widely acclaimed and now defunct band, Catchers. What is most apparent upon listening to the music is Grundle's voice... it doesn't stagger and yet it does rub your ears, and whatever else you may listen with, the right way. The music has a timeless quality and one of mystery... much like the mystery of what we do for the third of our lives we spend sleeping, and so, the band's name, The Sleeping Years, fits perfectly.

Dale Grundle describes and explains the band in this way:

'The Sleeping Years is the result of a period that I spent writing and recording in London after Catchers. All the instruments on the demos are played or programmed by me, but I have recently gathered together a group of musicians and we have been playing live around London as a six-piece and a more acoustic four-piece band. At full strength the band uses three-part harmonies with acoustic and electric guitars, piano and organs, e-bows, handclaps and bass and drums.'

Now listen...
+ islands [demo]
+ the lochkeeper's cottage [live at the 12 Bar Club]

This one thumps along nicely, perfect for in the car on a long drive, or a short one...
+ you and me against the world - not sure, but this may be a demo as well
[streaming at myspace, along with two other songs]

* * * * * *

Here are some Catchers MP3s [Grundle's previous band] from Catchers' website, the following text is also found on the MP3 page where you will find many more to download:

Unmixed tracks from the first singles:
Early mixes from Elephant Studios in London (although the singles were also recorded at the Church Studios and September Sound) for the band to take home. They feature guitar tracks that were maybe pulled back in the mix later or not used at all. Some tracks that appear on the singles were also yet to be added. Transfered from tape with some clipped endings.

+ Shifting
+ Dead Friends Fall
+ Cotton Dress
+ Christina

* * * * * * *

Grundle's old band, Catchers, can be found on the eMusic site... there is now little more than a week left to take advantage of the 50 Free Downloads offer here.

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