June 15, 2006


All I can say is, 'Thank God, a band that calls itself Canada is as good as this one is' (I'm Canadian, doncha know?). These seven musicians make a sweet sound, weaving a warm quilt of organic thread (cellos, glockenspiel, accordion, piano, guitar, melodica, percussion, boots, seven voices, and more) into songs that exude a warmth. And that warmth may be partially from the goodwill of it's members, for they are Americans (from Ann Arbor/Ferndale, Michigan), paying tribute to their neighbours to the North (well, in this instance, the North and East) by simply naming their band Canada. But that cozy heat is also most certainly from the music they generate when they come together and play. It may be the size of the outfit, but I am hearing a tiny echo at times that brings to mind Arcade Fire unplugged (especially the song "Record Function").

Recording for compact indie label Quite Scientific, they've released an EP and are now touring their first full length, This Cursed House. Here's some music... and some up to the minute tour dates below.

+ record function
+ hexenhaus
+ beige stationwagon

Another song on their myspace page

June 15th - Brooklyn, NY - Northsix w/Saturday Looks Good To Me, Tiny Amps
June 16th - College Park, MD - U of Maryland - w/SLGTM
June 17th - New York, NY - East River Park Amphitheater w/ SLGTM
June 25th - Lansing, MI - Mac's Bar w/ Cex, Javelins, Love of Everything
June 29th - Detroit, MI - The Lager House w/ The Pantones, Speakerphone, The Flouride Program

Buy their music here.


  1. Hey Matt,
    Thanks for commenting (again!). Glad you like it, I'm sure there are many more out there who like it as well.

  2. You know, if somebody told me to guess where a rock band called "Canada" hailed from, with the only clue being that they weren't actually from Canada, Ann Arbor probably would've been one of my first two or three guesses.