June 10, 2006

East Hundred: 'East Hundred': Review

east hundred EPEast Hundred
East Hundred
[Blue Green Records – April 2005]
*Sixeyes Score: 8 out of 10

By Thomas D. Williams

East Hundred is an electronically textured pop band from Philly. Their lush little 7 song EP has been one of the high points of the last few months for me. No matter my mood it’s hard to be anything but stunned by the beauty of these songs; a remedy for any bad day at the office.

Beryl Guceri’s voice is breathtakingly beautiful; a sung “sweet nothing” whispered at just the right moment. The Brothers Blair are a potent songwriting duo. Will’s drumming and programming play off of each other creating a hypnotic rhythm while Brooke’s guitars are layered thick and sweet like honey in tea. Ultimately their secret weapon is their subtlety. Almost no single part of any song overwhelms the listener yet their perfect combination is able to capture and maintain the listener’s attention every time.

The overarching sound is a juxtaposition of their digital pop flair and Beryl’s soft voice. Blonde Redhead is an obvious influence. Album opener “Leave It” calls distantly from a fog (the same fog they are shrouded in thanks to Pamela Kim’s design?) before hitting with its ultra catchy guitar hook. “Acquaint” uses a jagged programmed rhythm that I feel takes away from some of Will’s best drumming and one of Beryl’s strongest vocal performances. “Numbers” is perfect and would be a candidate by any label for a first single. “Ruzgar” is able to overcome the (self-inflicted) Turkish language barrier and capture most anyone’s ear, a testament to their marvelous musicianship. Closer “Current Company” is a semi-acoustic piano-driven ballad, tissues not included. If any negative feelings remain I suggest a repeat listen.

+ leave it
+ numbers [courtesy www.labelworthy.com]

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  1. the only thing wrong with this band is that they're from Philly.