June 05, 2006

The Golden Dogs

Toronto's The Golden Dogs have been riding the songs from their album, Everything In 3 Parts, for around 3 years now... and that's a shame. A shame because the recognition they deserve hasn't been there, because this is fantastic stuff, because these are great songs, with great harmonies, sung by a frontTHE GOLDEN DOGS man whose voice sounds better the closer to a yowl he gets, because this is some of the best music I've heard in a long while. And that music is somewhere in the power pop camp, but not quite. "Bastards" rings with New Pornos harmonies and melody, and then "Yeah" gives Dave Azzolini a chance to exorcise the Iggy Pop trapped within. This one will get you pumped, your nostrils flaring, and your pants tighter than is advisable. YEAH! (that 'YEAH!' is in reference to the song, not the tight pants... just want to be clear on that... are we? Good.)

Dave Azzolini [lead vocals, guitar], Jessica Grassia [keyboards, vocals], Taylor Knox [drums], Neil Quinn [guitar, vocals], and Stew Heyduk [bass], comprise the quintet, but according to the Funzalo Records site (the band's American label) the drummer is Beau Stocker and the guitarist, Carlin Nicholson... either way this band is one to watch. Their new record, Big Eye Little Eye, out in Canada August 15th, 2006, is highly anticipated by me. Here's a preview of the upcoming release (listen and begin anticipating highly)...

+ 1985 - from Big Eye Little Eye
+ runouttaluck - from Big Eye Little Eye

And here's a taste of Everything In 3 Parts... (which was just recently released in the US on Funzalo Records)
+ yeah - this one get's six eyes out of six
+ elevator man - i love the way this song twists from their take on elevator muzak into the spirited, high octane, power pop chorus.

Other great tracks from Everything In 3 Parts are "Birdsong", "Can't Get Your Face Out of My Head", "Bastards", and... oh, hell, my fingers are getting tired... lotsa great stuff on here.

Canadian label: True North Records
US label: Funzalo Records
The Golden Dogs on myspace - (mp3 downloads and streaming)

Find more songs.

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  1. Anonymous2:06:00 AM

    Big Eye Little Eye is fantastic! Quite possibly the best CD of the year - Juno worthy. This band has got to be one of Canada's finest. Check out their website www.thegoldendogs.com OR myspace.com/thegoldendogs for the members of the band and concert listings. Seeing the 'Dogs' live is an experience not to be missed!