June 26, 2006

The Scourge of the Sea: Make Me Armored: Review

scourge_COVERThe Scourge of the Sea
Make Me Armored
[Alias Records - July 2006]
*Sixeyes Score: 7.7 out of 10

The Scourge of The Sea are from Lexington, KY. A trio of Andrew English, Justin Craig and Robby Cosenza who are currently awaiting the thrill of seeing their debut, Make Me Armored, on once renowned and now re-born, Alias Records, upon the shelves of local stores and, with any justice, stocked on shelves around the country. On first listen, especially upon first listen of the opening track "Out Of The Trash", you know something special is happening. A slow and sticky pop refrain sung in the memorable voice of English, who resembles, in an enviable way, John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats in Darnielle's gentler and quieter moments. But don't let this distract you; while English's vocals ooze with character, the songs match in arrangement, performance, and melody. And while most of the songs tilt towards the softer edges, when English inhales a touch more deeply and then exhales more forcefully, that voice has the power to induce shivers. This is quietly sunny, acoustic-pop, framed in shadow, which has apparently eschewed watches, calendars, and clocks... for it's timeless.

+ out of the trash
+ water wings


  1. great review. i've been a scourge of the sea fan for a long time; it's good to see them finalyl getting some notoriety.

  2. I just heard about them recently but I'm driving 9 hours to see them tomorrow because they really are that good. Good review too.