June 24, 2006

These Hands: "Selfish Acts Of The Average"

Michael Hanson of These HandsSong Review by dylan mckeever

The eerie magic of this song is all rooted on that slithering drum beat. Hear it slink and push and inch forward, clearly propelling the song without becoming overbearing. But can drums really slither? Apparently they can because the rest of the instruments use them like great bendy stilts to make their way across some ghostly bog. Slide-stepping across in a carefully cadenced hop-swing. Save the violin, of course, which makes its squeaky entrance wobbling through the air on a single leathery wing. Unfortunately, the train-wreck of an accordion soon arrives, knocking all else into the muck. And all this in only the first half of the song.

These Hands is a small parade of mandolins, accordions, and pianos all headed by one Saskatchewan native, Michael Hanson. The band makes more of this kind of swampy-sweet experimental pop, which can be heard on their latest release The Golden Touch EP, available on their website, or myspace.

You can also contact Michael at thesehandsmail@gmail.com

+ selfish acts of the average
[you will find more downloads at the artist's myspace page]

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  1. Anonymous9:19:00 PM

    Good find... Thanks...

  2. good god damn... that stuff is really good. hits the spot on a monday morning.