June 24, 2006

Sufjan Stevens: 'The Avalanche' Stream Part 2 and Free MP3s

Part 2 of the streaming party for Sufjan Stevens latest album on Asthmatic Kitty, The Avalanche [July 11th], can now be heard here. Just look for the picture below on the main page and follow the link on Asthmatic Kitty's page.

Sufjan Stevens: The Avalanche Stream Part 2

Here are some mp3s for those uninitiated in the sounds of Stevens.

+ the henney buggy band - from The Avalanche
+ the man of metropolis steals our hearts
+ casimir pulaski day
+ holland *
+ year of the dog*
+ jason *
+ niagara falls
+ lord god bird

*The three mp3s marked with an asterisk can be streamed off this page, although to download these you will have to go to Stevens page on the label site, you can download the songs there.

OF course, Stevens can be found at eMusic through their free trial offer of 25 downloads. Or search for more songs here.

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