July 17, 2006

Blood Meridian: Kick Up The Dust: Review

The review of Blood Meridian's Kick Up The Dust has been re-posted here.


  1. Anonymous9:36:00 AM

    Is there any mention on the cd of where they got their name? I assume it's from the Cormac McCarthy novel, which is very, very, very bloody.


  2. I don't think there is any mention or reference to the novel on the CD itself, but Camarind has stated it is where they took their name.

    This blurb, below, is from this page (http://www.codaagency.com/blood.html), it is Camarind speaking:

    "I just write down the things that need to be said at the time, and sometimes you might have to say some shit that someone might not wanna hear…" Named after Cormac McCarthy's novel of unforgiving violence in the Old West ("That book knocked me on my ass like nothing had… like watching Apocalypse Now for the first time…"), Blood Meridian began as a hotel-room project when Camirand was on the road with his past group, The Black Halos. Some songs are solely works of fiction, springing from the imagination of a writer who loves authors like Flannery O’Connor and John Fante.