July 17, 2006

The Veils "Jesus For The Jugular" and The NEW *Sixeyes

The Veils latest, Nux Vomica, will certainly be one of my favourites of the year. And I can guarantee that Be Your Own Pet will not be anywhere near that list. Sorry to pick on those guys, but they were the first 'disliked' band to pop into my fevered skull.

From Nux Vomica
+ jesus for the jugular

Some Bits and Pieces

>> Once again I must thank Anthony and The Hype Machine for all the visitors they direct my way.

>> Please take some time to visit a few of the kind sponsors who grace this blog.

>> And don't be too surprised if you see a brand new look at *Sixeyes later this summer (a new template). There are still plans to become a dot com, but I have to tell you that the idea of changing this well established URL is making me very nervous. Two years of building up loyal visitors and getting a good presence in the search engines may disappear when I switch the URL to a dot com... won't it? I don't know, but it truly feels that way to me. Anyone with experience have any advice about making this switch?


1 comment:

  1. You shouldn't loose that presence by switching to a dot com. You could simply have that dot com address forward to here. That way, you can keep this address for established readers, and have an easier-to-remember addy for new guys and gals.