July 20, 2006

The Spectacular Fantastic: FREE EP

artwork by harry acosta

First off... This post is Spectacular, it's Fantastic, it's a friggin' goldmine.

The Cincinnati band, The Spectacular Fantastic, have blessed all with another free download... of an 8 song EP, an EP which is damn fine (if they ever need a new name, The Damn Fine, would work nicely). Mike Detmer and friends have done this FREE thing before, as it says on the band's website, and I quote... "If you're here looking for all of those free songs you heard about, check out our free I love you ep from last summer or our free split ep with Tessitura this winter."

On the new EP The Spectacular Fantastic buzz, yes, buzz, like a great big happy (or stoned, or drunk, or in love) honey bee up on "Echo Mountain". And on many of these tracks they loose a melodic seventies pop feel, a vibe which all the kids dig, or should dig... Dig?

You can freely download the band's latest 'Free EP', that's eight solid tracks right here. Hell, you can even stream them if you like, just go there.

You can buy The Spectacular Fantastic's records here.

Here's a free MP3 from their latest full length release, The Spectacular Fantastic Goes Underground, on Ionik Records.
+ darkest hour

So, this post is a goldmine. Give a listen to this band, you won't be sorry (Coninue reading below, it only gets better).

Oh yeah, Mike Detmer is also behind the founding of Cincinnati's VIBRATING NEEDLE RECORDING COLLECTIVE. The Collective boasts members such as Tessitura, Folk?, For Algernon, Kermunklin, Suchanuglything, The Minni-Thins, The Minor Leagues, MercuroChrome, and Santa Cruz's The Slow Break. The Collective offers an unseemly amount of free MP3s, an UNSEEMLY AMOUNT!