July 21, 2006

Tap Tap: New Album + Free MP3

Hey, I've got your toe tap tappin', hand clappin', finger snappin' soundtrack for this weekend... right here.

Tap Tap are the (British) band and Catbird Records is the label. I like this song a lot, so will you, but I've got to say it shows a leap from the few downloadable songs available on the band's myspace page. This song shows a startling confidence and joy in making music. It's great stuff.

Tap Tap: LANZAFAME: Catbird Records: Free MP3

+ 100,000 thoughts [mp3]

BUY the new record, Lanzafame, here... it's a bargain.

Lanzafame Tracklist:

100,000 Thoughts
She Doesn't Belong
To Our Continuing Friendship
Here Cometh
Little Match (Big Fire)
On My Way
Talk Slowly
Off The Beaten Track
Way To Go, Boy
The Reason I'm Here
What A Clever Thing To Say

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous7:03:00 PM

    I like it but sounds like an Arcade Fire tribute band - influence is one thing but imitation is yet anither altogether different thing - thanks for the Arcade Fire cover of Born On A Train - wonderful