July 03, 2006

Dr Octagon: The Return of Dr Octagon: Review

dr_oct-cdCOVERDr Octagon
The Return of Dr Octagon
[OCD International - June 27 2006]
*Sixeyes Score: 2 out of 10

Review by Sean U'Ren

The Return of Dr. Octagon is a weird album. One of Kool Keith's more well-known aliases [until another one of his aliases, Dr. Dooom, killed him off in 1999], Dr. Octagon was a weird mix of smooth-to-grating beats, amazing turntable work and bizarre verbal imagery. Although Keith has continued to release an unstoppable stream of side projects, Dr. Octagon has failed to resurface in any of them.

According to Wikipedia and Kool Keith's own site, this record didn't involve Keith, or any of the other original Octagon production people. Strangely, it may have been the work of a German or Australian production team, who resampled and re-edited old unused bits of the original recordings. That being said, the music isn't really anything to sue over.

There are a few reasons to listen – "Trees" isn't half-bad, more dancey than anything from the original album. "Ants" is also a pretty decent track. A flange guitar and a rubbery background beat snake around while Dr. Octagon raps over some good turntable work.

Beyond those tracks, the production is dicey and uninspired, with a few half-funny skits intermingled. One song, "A Gorilla Driving a Pick-Up Truck", is so bad that it borders on hilarious. And despite the title [assumably because of his lack of involvement], Dr. Octagon is largely absent from this record. Princess Superstar shows up on the end cut.

+ ants [mp3]

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