July 10, 2006

The Evening Episode

Found on Slowdance Records are Sacramento CA band, The Evening Episode, who lay down a vaguely familiar but at the same time distinctive sound. Slinky keyboards and moody synths surround frontwoman, Teresa Eggers, whose vocals have a kind of bubbly youthful undercurrent married to a quirky confidence even during a more experimental outing like "Backstroke". But listen to the more straight forward track "New Love" to get an idea of how good this band is. And don't miss out on "Lovely Creatures", a track that feels like 3 am on one of those fantastic summer nights. You know, when you're ready to crash, but you're too happy to sleep.

These two song downloads are found on their new record, The Physicist Has Known Sin, which will be released July 11th.

+ new love
lovely creatures

The Physicist Has Known Sin
Track Listing:
1. High-Low
2. New Love
3. Learn Your P’s & Q’s
4. Nightmares
5. We’ll Be Read
6. Backstroke
7. Photocopied Residence
8. Who, What, How, When
9. Lovely Creatures
10. Thoughts Too Thick

Tour dates are here, buy the album here.

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