July 29, 2006

Thunderbirds Are Now!: 'Make History'

Thunderbirds Are Now sound like they are on the edge, so much seems to be happening in some of the songs, but not really, it's just the speed. These guys out of Detroit can hum like an electric bee hive... and they do on the song, "Open Us Up".
The new record, their 3rd full length, Make History, is out on Frenchkiss Records, October 3rd.

Thunderbirds Are Now! Make History MP3s:
+ open us up
+ why we war

Make History track list:
1 Panthers in Crime
2 The Veil Comes Down
3 We Win (Ha Ha)
4 Open Us Up
5 Why We War
6 Sound Issues/Smart Ideas
7 Sleeping In The Lion's Mouth
8 Shit Gold
9 Shake Them Awake
11 (The Making Of...) Make History

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