July 07, 2006

The Vasco Era

By Jenn Rogers

The Vasco Era is compromised of brothers Ted (bassist) and Sid O'Neil (singer, guitarist) and a friend, Michael Fitzgerald/Fitzy (drummer) and got listeners attention by winning the 2004 National Band Comp, a competition that has seen the entrance of nearly every great Australian band over the years. They're known for hot live shows (including copious amounts of sweat from the familial connection– I say this as someone who saw them from the front row 7 times in just over two months) and are particularly well known on the festival circuit. Now, I still have no idea what blues/rock fusion actually means, but that's the category I'm supposed to believe the band falls into according to their official bio.

The best I can come up with is that every song feels like it's bleeding. Emotional and overtly raw, Sid O'Neil has a voice that is never going to sing anyone to sleep and he consistently sounds as though he's going to need throat surgery by the age of 25. That pain is strangely hypnotizing though, backed up by a rhythm section that has seen the most drunken men get up and try and dance. While the band's constant touring has perfected their live show, their 2005 EP Miles offered a slightly more sedate appearance of the most popular songs from their set. For me, I'm not sure they can match up with the experience of being sweated and having beer spilt all over me (they really are a dirty sounding band, I can't stress this enough) but it is interesting to hear a less manic take on the material.

Currently, The Vasco Era are playing some gigs in the UK (including one supporting Australia's latest great export according to the world – Wolfmother) and then returning to gear up for the release of their first LP, due out some time this year.

From the Miles EP
+ kingswood
don't go to sleep

Demos from the new album are also available via their myspace.

Upcoming Shows
Jul 11 2006 - Barflys Camden London
Jul 12 2006 - Death Disco - NY, NY
Jul 16 2006 - Spaceland - LA, CA
Jul 17 2006 = The Echo - LA, CA
Jul 20 2006 - Uni Bar - supporting You Am I and Wollongong
Jul 21 2006 - Anu Bar - supporting You Am I and Canberra
Jul 22 2006 - Dee Why R.S.L. - supporting You Am I and Dee Why

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  1. Anonymous7:22:00 AM

    I saw them support Wolfmother in London.
    Vasco Era were fantastic (actually prefered them to Wolfmum), if you get a chance to see them - go.

    I think they fall into the "Electric Punk Blues" genre (think Nick Cave & Tom Waits being skinned alive, rolled in Salt and then getting them to sing their agony for the Devil). If you like Vasco Era - check out "The Urban Voodoo Machine" & "Mudlow", Or check out this website - it'll give you plenty of stuff to listen to: http://www.punkrockblues.co.uk/

  2. Anonymous2:21:00 AM

    i use to go to school with these guyz!!!!!!!!!!!