August 22, 2006


Protokoll are poised to make all the right noises according to some big boys like NME and the BBC's Steve Lamacq. But, as usual, all the right noises have to hit all the ears the right way, and they aren't doing it for me. There isn't much new here, they have all the right influences (Bauhaus, Sonic Youth, T. Rex, The Chameleons UK, The Cure, New Order, The Misfits, My Bloody Valentine) and a distinctive name (frankly, I am rarely bothered by a band's name, but this one irks me no end), and they sound like, well, the music sounds like it had a couple of pots of strong black coffee and the singer sounds like he wishes it was 1979 and he was in Manchester. Mind you, it's damn good coffee and Manchester was the place to be.

The Boston band will unveil their s/t debut on the indie imprint, IHEARTCOMIX, on October 10th.

Remember what happened to Interpol? Meet Protokoll... Hey, those names seem vaguely similar and so will be the fame.

from their self-titled EP...
+ sunken

From their BBC radio session...
+ moving forward
+ holy devine

Listen to more on their myspace.


  1. Anonymous12:43:00 PM

    Oh i I heard their 'moving forward' on radio 1

    I don't know,i seem to really like the sound,but that's not surprising as I like Interpol

  2. Anonymous:

    I hear they're getting quite popular in Britain. I don't dislike them as a band, it's more the genre that can leave me cold. I think they'll be big in Europe, bigger then they will be in the US.

  3. Anonymous2:27:00 AM

    They are quite good live and have a more aggressive punky sound than on the recording.