August 21, 2006

Sebadoh III: Free MP3s

Domino Records has reissued Sebadoh's 1991 album, III, and it features new liner notes, remastered recording, a second disc that includes the Gimme Indie Rock EP, plus the obligatory collection of outtakes. It also includes this song, "Kath". A lovely, tiny melody within a short song. A song which sounds like an acoustic demo of a song intended to be electrified. A supposed fact that does not mean this song is lacking... it means that Sebadoh knows what's best for Sebadoh... and the music... I suppose.

+ kath [mp3]
mp3 courtesy of's audiofile

You can download two more tracks from this remastered album through the Sebadoh advertisement in the sidebar... while the ad lasts that is (the ad will end it's run on August 28th).

Live MP3s: Recorded at the Aktionshalle Rote Fabrik, Zurich, Switzerland May 16, 1999
+ tree
+ the bird is in the hand

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