August 02, 2006

Riot Act Mixtape: Fall 2006

Riot Act Media is a promotions company that handles some very good to great indie acts. I just found this email in my inbox from Riot Act and it had this mixtape in it. So, what the hell, here it is... instant post. Enjoy the noise.

Owen + Bad News
These Arms Are Snakes + Horse Girl
Young Widows + The Charmers
The Dark Romantics + Another Song For Another Night
Snowden + Anti Anti
Page France + Junkyard
Titles + Pink Pair Of Shoes
Make Believe + Of Course
Chin Up Chin Up + This Harness Can't Ride Anything
The End Of The World + Last Cast
Your Black Star + Oh Jesus
Redbeard + Mason Dixon


  1. A good mix of bands there - many I hadn't heard of.
    Just a quik note to say that link to the chin up chin up mp3 is broken


  2. thanks tim. and i've fixed that broken link.

  3. I love that Owen song. I can't get into that new Chin Up Chin Up stuff after the last record.

    Have you checked out

  4. No, I haven't checked out musichawk. What's it about?