August 02, 2006

Matthew Friedberger: Winter Women & Holy Ghost Language School: Stream + Free MP3s

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The convoluted mind of Fiery Furnaces' main flame, Matthew Friedberger, will see his solo debut(s) hit the stores on August 8th. And as you've likely heard, Winter Women is the accessible 'pop' record, while Holy Ghost Language School is the troubled, difficult sibling. Maybe that was the idea behind the two records. One (Holy Ghost Language School) is dense and abrasive, while the other is friendlier and sticky as spilled 'pop'. The first (Holy Ghost...) being Matt, and the second being his sister and band mate in the Fiery Furnaces, Eleanor. Maybe yes, maybe no.

Now you can stream both records here, or download a couple of full length mp3s courtesy of label, 859 Recordings, right here.

+ The Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company Resignation Letter (MP3) from Winter Women
+ Do You Like Blondes? (MP3) from Holy Ghost Language School.


  1. CHECK IT:

    good things are a-brewin'.

  2. This sounds good, I can't wait!